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I'm Martin Dunning Founder Of M Dunning Photography Pleased To Meet You All

I'm a freelance photographer who covers various areas of photography such as Concerts, Motorsports, Business, Events and much more.

I started out a few years ago photographing planes and local airport. While doing this I kept hearing cars going round Donington Race Track. My friend a fellow photographer informed me they had test days mainly on Thursdays where you could photograph, so I got a publisher behind me and became media. I covered a lot of motorsports events such as British Touring Cars, British Super Bikes, British Truck Racing and much more.

I've always had a passion for music and I have been to a lot of concert/festivals so I started photographing pub gigs local bands to get the feel for lights, movement etc. This led to me applying for big shows and getting publishers to take me on to publish my photos. Over the years I've developed a lot as a photographer and cover a wide range of areas which has also led to me building a media team with a fellow photographer.

Please feel free to like and share my page with friends, if you wish to work with me at great rates please feel free to message me.



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